Sunday, December 10, 2023

RFK Jr. Exploses MK Ultra

RFK Jr. Exploses MK Ultra

Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. | PBD Town Hall

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

PBD Town Hall

Monday, November 27, 2023

Robert F. Kennedy Jr Tells His Life Story (Full Interview)

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

 Tells His Life Story (Full Interview)

Thursday, November 16, 2023

RFK Jr. Dropping Serious Truth Bombs...

RFK Jr. on 

How The Military Industrial Complex Silences its Opponents

Dropping Serious Truth Bombs

Riddle me this: What do the Assassinations of JFK, MLK, RFK have in common with Vietnam, 911 and Covid? I think RFK left out a few links in that chain including the U.S.S. Liberty, Epstein and Gaza—just to name a few...But the truth is out there and the world is quickly waking up to reality...



Friday, November 3, 2023

A Petition: Second Intruder At My House

A Petition 

Second Intruder At My House

You can't have a functioning democracy when candidates aren't safe. Whether or not you support my campaign, please sign this petition urging the White House to grant me Secret Service protection. 


Saturday, October 28, 2023

Our Movement Terrifies Them

Our Movement Terrifies Them

Friday, October 27, 2023

This is DEVASTATING Covid Vaccine News for Big Pharma


Covid Vaccine News for Big Pharma 

Last week, Health Canada admitted that the Pfizer Covid vaccine contained DNA sequence of SV-40. That is the Simian Virus that was the fortieth monkey virus that had been identified in the 1960s. The FDA and the CDC have not said whether or not it knew that SV-40 was in the Covid vaccines. This is important for many reasons. Joining us to discuss is Steve Kirsch from the Vaccine Safety Research Foundation.

Tuesday, October 24, 2023

My Story of Transformation

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

My Story of Transformation

Friday, October 20, 2023

Wednesday, October 18, 2023

Abraham, Martin and John...

Abraham, Martin and John. 

By Dion. 


The more things change, the more they remain the same. This classic song remains hauntingly beautiful...

Monday, October 16, 2023

My Environmental Priorities

My Environmental Priorities

Sunday, October 15, 2023

Robert F. Kennedy Jr: Government Secrets, Censorship, & How To End Chronic Disease

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Government Secrets, Censorship, & How To End Chronic Disease

Tuesday, October 10, 2023

RFK Jr.: Both parties are controlled and paralyzed

RFK Jr.: Both parties are controlled and paralyzed

Monday, October 9, 2023

I Declare My Independence —RFK Jr.

I Declare My Independence

—RFK Jr. 

Monday, October 2, 2023

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. This Past Weekend w/ Theo Von

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. 

This Past Weekend w/ Theo Von

Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Why I’m An Environmentalist

Why I’m An Environmentalist

Friday, September 22, 2023

Help Me Protect Him Gavin de Becker Pleadings...

Help Me Protect Him

Gavin de Becker Pleadings

Monday, September 18, 2023

Sunday, September 17, 2023

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Interview

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Interview

RFK Jr calls for 'real' JFK investigation after witness speaks out

RFK Jr calls for 'real' JFK investigation after witness speaks out

On I covered the story about how one of JFK's Secret Service detail members just came forward with information that proves that Lee Harvey Oswald could not have acted alone, and in this video RFK Jr. discusses the far-reaching implications of this new insight into President Kennedy's Assassination.

Saturday, September 16, 2023

Gunman Arrested at RFK Jr. Speech in Los Angeles Strange Bedfellows Ep. 13 with Lori Spencer

Gunman Arrested at RFK Jr. Speech in Los Angeles

Strange Bedfellows Ep. 13 with Lori Spencer

Lori Spencer's Strange Fellows Podcast is one of my favorites, and Lori is like a walking, talking encyclopedia on the Subject of RFK Jr., as well as on JFK and RFK. On this special episode, Lori features special guests, Lisa Pease and Jim DiEugenio, who are both top JFK Assassination experts. In this episode they discuss the man who was recently arrested at an RFK Jr. speech event as he was posing as an U.S. Marshal and had two loaded guns in holsters.

As you are likely aware, President Biden refused to provide Robert F. Kennedy Jr. with Secret Service protection, which is beyond disturbing while being perfectly on-point for this breaking story.

Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.'s Open letter to the Democratic National Committee


Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.'s 

Open letter to the Democratic National Committee

Robert F. Kennedy, JR, wrote the following PROFOUNDLY ARTICULATED open letter to the Democratic Committee today:

Full text of Robert F Kennedy, Jr.'s open letter to the DNC:

Dear Chairman Harrison and Members of the DNC,

I know some of you well. A few of you are among my oldest friends. Others of you I have never met. But all of you are my family, as public servants and fellow Americans.

Families tell one another the truth, as best we are able with grace and love and, above all, with candor. When we take wrong turns, or fail to live up to our best selves, it is our family's responsibility to hold up a mirror and recall us back to our true purpose and highest self-expression. And so I feel compelled to write to you now, because in my view, limited though it may be, the Democratic Party has gone off track. 

We live in times of division, disease, and turmoil, but they are not the first such times in our nation’s history. Rulers always face the temptation to maintain social control by denying the people their sovereignty and their voice. But from our nation’s founding, through many struggles, we have upheld freedom instead. Our founders shed their blood for it. The civil rights movement fought for it, and the Democratic Party supported that movement under the Kennedy and Johnson administrations, culminating in the Voting Rights Act. Throughout the modern era, the Democratic Party fought back against censorship, upheld civil liberties, resisted corporate influence, and sought to enfranchise as many voters as possible. The Democratic party truly lived up to its name — the party of democracy, the party of the people.

Unfortunately, in recent years our party leaders have succumbed to the siren of control. They have compromised the defining democratic principle of one person, one vote through repeated interference in the primary elections. They have hijacked the party machinery and, in recent years, directed the power of censorship onto their political opponents, raising political victory onto the altar in place of honest democracy.

In school rooms across this country, we teach our children that they have an inalienable right to self-determination, that no matter the town or creed or condition into which they were born, they each have an equal right to vote for the life and society of their choosing. And that someday, they too will have the chance to put forth their own ideas and be elected or passed over, based on the equal votes of diverse peers.

Never, in all the civics lessons in all the schools in America, did the teacher add “except for in states that the President lost in the previous election.” Never, in all the glorious retellings of our fight for universal voting rights, has any teacher added, “and the decision of the people should be overturned if it doesn't comply with the preference of the ruling elites.” Yet this is exactly the new page in history that the DNC's pending rules propose, casting out New Hampshire’s votes, limiting ballot access in Iowa, and deploying party operatives to water down the popular vote and ensure a controlled victory.

Equally disheartening is the DNC’s refusal to hold debates. The matter of precedent is spurious, as there has been no serious primary challenge to an incumbent in more than 40 years. (Although Al Gore, a sitting vice-president, did debate challengers in 2000.) Voters deserve — and democracy requires — a competitive process by which to determine nominees. It should be a party’s voters who choose a candidate, not party insiders who anoint one.

The DNC and the Joe Biden campaign have essentially merged into one unit, financially and strategically, despite the promise of neutrality in its charter and bylaws. The DNC is not supposed to favor one candidate over another. It is supposed to oversee a fair, democratic selection process, and then support the candidate that its voters choose.

Much has been said in recent years about our country’s endangered democracy. As someone who has spent decades battling corrupt corporate polluters, I can attest that endangered species are not saved by idle talk. We didn’t bring the Bald Eagle back to the Hudson River Valley by holding a press conference. We did it by cleaning up the pollution that threatened its survival and introducing new chicks to the wild.

Our endangered democracy is no different. Its salvation lies in cleansing our society of the toxic divisions and corporate greed that pollute our political waters. Its salvation lies not in sound bites, but in the careful seeding and nurturing and protection of healthy examples of democracy in action.

To my dear family of fellow public servants and caretakers of democracy, I would like to offer a heartfelt invitation. Please, lead by example and hold the most transparent, equal, accessible, and accountable election that has ever been seen in this country. You have the power to do this. You have the power to restore the faith of the people — faith in the Democratic Party, and faith in democracy itself.

Family to family, I urge you to reflect, privately and in consultation with your higher power, on what legacy you wish to leave. Will it be a fearful, desperate grasping for power at all costs? Or will it be the confident and graceful letting go that marks those who truly believe in democracy? And if, in those reflections, you find yourself seeking sage counsel, I offer the parting words of George Washington — a leader whose voluntary handover of power set a precedent that echoes to this day.

“Parties,” Washington warned, “become potent engines, by which cunning, ambitious, and unprincipled men will be enabled to subvert the power of the people and to usurp for themselves the reins of government, destroying afterwards the very engines which have lifted them to unjust dominion.”

I write to you now in the hope that you hold the engine of democracy as sacred as I do. I pray that, at a time of public discontent, you cede more power to the public, not less, and thereby do right by yourselves, by the American people, and by the ideal of self-determination that inaugurated our great nation.

In service of a more perfect union,

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

Monday, September 11, 2023

JFK > 911


JFK > 911

September 11th every year is like a holiday, but it is the exact opposite in the sense it is a reminder of the nightmare that occurred in New York City 22 years ago today. @TimFattig posted the artwork below that depicts the World Trade Centers being blown up, but with JFK's face on them which essentially ties them together.

For some reason I was not able to embed the actual tweet below from, so I added it below as a screenshot, along with my comment from @RFKMAGAZINE. Based upon the many tens of thousands of hour I have studies both he JFK Assassination as well as the 911 terrorist attach that took place in New York City, I would argue they were both false flag operations, spearheaded by rouge Neocon war hawks from the CIA. I also point out in my comment below that the same thread runs from the JFK Assassination, through the USS Liberty Bombing, thought 911, thought Epstein, and COVID-19, which is beyond EXTREMELY disturbing.

So, who specifically was behind all of this? I mentioned Neocon war hawks in the CIA, and I will share some  photographs with you of one of the main players, which was Donald Rumsfeld as seen below throughout his illustrious and infamous career. Donald Rumsfeld was a protege and disciple of the former CIA Director, Allen Dulles. I think it would be safe to say Rumsfeld learned all about covert operations from the former CIA Cloak-and-Dagger Master.

In this first photo we see then Congressman, Donald Rumsfeld with President Lyndon Johnson.

Next we see Donald Rumsfeld with President Nixon who appointed Rumsfeld as Secratary of Defense in 1975.

Next we see Donald Rumsfeld with President for and Dick Cheney.

Next we see Donald Rumsfeld with President Carter.

Next we see Donald Rumsfeld with President Reagan.

Next we see Donald Rumsfeld with George H. W. Bush., who I believe at the time as the Director of the CIA.

Next we see Donald Rumsfeld with George W. Bush and Dick Cheney. In my personal opinion, George H.W. Bush's son, George W. Bush getting elected after President Clinton represents nepotism in its shining hour. George W. Bush was not only an incompetent war criminal, and a completely illiterate clown, but couldn't even properly speak his native tongue—English. 

Willie Brown, former mayor of San Francisco, said during the Bush Jr. presidential years: "You could visit the deepest, darkest parts of Oakland (California) and you won't be able to find a cat who can mix up the English language with the level of ebonics as George Bush!?!!" 

Bush Jr. was the ultimate example of a presidential puppet, with Donald Remsfed and Dick Cheney running the show.

Next we see Donald Rumsfeld announce one day before the towers fell on 9/10/2001, that the Pentagon was missing $2.3 TRILLION, and then, ever so conveniently the next day or 9/11/2001 an alleged airplane hit the Pentagon at the exact position that held the accounting records for the missing money!?!! This is so incredulous, and obvious what occurred!?!? 

I am not going to go into great detail about 911 being A false flag operation, as I believe it's painfully obvious. One example is the 757 that supposedly crashed into the Pentagon where the books were located that contained the information on the missing $2.3 Trillion. The claim put forth was that a hijacker who used boxcutters, flew the 757 into the Pentagon. 

The challenge with this false flag narrative is that the Pentagon is the most secure structure on planet earth. As a natural, or organic byproduct of being a severely secure structure, the Pentagon hundreds of video camera's recording everything that occurs out in and around it. It is also a fact that the FBI confiscated on September 11, 2001, all the camera surveillance footage from businesses across the causeway that were pointed at the Pentagon that also would have recorded a 757 hitting the structure. Over the past 22 years the government of the United States has only ever released one video of the purported 757 crashing into the Pentagon and you can watch it below. If there REALLY was a 757 that his the Pentagon, they would have a great deal of surveillance video evidence, but they don't. Don't take my word for it. Watch the video below a decide for yourself. 

There are so many smoking guns that resulted from 911 including the Patriot Act, which was passed by the Senate 98-1, and 357-66 in the House on October 26, 2001. 

In the next video we see then President Bush give 'that Saddam fellow' a 48 hour ultimatum based upon the false allegation of the Iraqi's possessing "Weapons of mass destruction". Bush and his administration, along with the American Military Industrial Complex knew for a fact that the Iraqi's did NOT posses ANY such "Weapons of Mass Destruction".

The next video was pretty memorable (and funny :-) when Donald Trump called out the terribly inarticulate Bush's for so terribly misleading not only the American people, but the entire population of earth:

A note on President Trump. I've said it before, and I will say it again, President Trump was extremely similar to President Kennedy, in many senses. Both derived their power and wealth from their fathers, and both naively believed when they were elected as President of the United States that they could lead, but both were essentially assassinated by the deep state. JFK, was physically assassinated, and Trump was hogtied so terribly by the deep state, that his witch-hunt presidency was assassinated, during his four years in office as well as his having "allegedly lost" against Biden.

Next we see Donald Rumsfeld with President Obama.

Below we see Donald Rumsfeld with President Biden.

In the future I will likely expand the scope of this article, but suffice it to say that Donald Remsfeld and his Neocon war hawk brethren have raped and pillaged the American Taxpayer for more than a half century. Their unbridled greed and avarice which have created the permanent war state we live under today is a waste of everybody's resources, and the ONLY people that have really benefited from the spoils are the Neocon war hawks who have stollen many, many trillions of dollars from American taxpayers.

The reason why history will no longer allow all of these men to dance between the raindrops is in their unbridled quest for extreme wealth, they left behind way too many sloppy clues, as all thieves do. In the years and decades to come, history will NOT look back fondly at what these highly unethical men did. The supreme irony, is that to date, not one of them has been accountable for their crimes agains humanity as they still control the government. The challenge is that American's have almost completely lost their trust in government, and it's not health to continue on under these circumstances. America needs a real and meaningful truth and reconciliation committee to investigate and rectify the situation, and in my opinion, RFK Jr. is the only candidate who can achieve this admirable goal.

Sunday, September 10, 2023

RFK, Jr sounds alarm on DNC's 'fixed' primary process

RFK, Jr sounds alarm on 

DNC's 'fixed' primary process

Saturday, September 9, 2023

RFK Jr. Forbes Interview

RFK Jr. Forbes Interview

Friday, September 8, 2023

Gavin Newsom on RFK Jr.

Gavin Newsom on RFK Jr.

Thursday, September 7, 2023




Wednesday, September 6, 2023

New Tucker Carlson Interview of Robert F Kennedy Jr

RFK Jr. in Las Vegas

Dining with Hillary Clinton & Mike Pompeo

Just when I thought things could not get much stranger, they did. Back on August 15, 2023 I originally published this story, but I brought it back to the top to provide proper context for Lori's video seen below. In the video interview below Lori's, Tucker Carlson interviewed RFK Jr., and RFK Jr. mentioned he had recently dined with former Secratary of State and CIA Director, Mike Pompeo. In that interview RFK Jr. said something to the effect that he was amazed at who else attended that dinner, but did not enumerate.

Lori Spencer has an amazing podcast named Strange Bedfellows, and in the excerpt video below she reveals former First Lady and Secratary of State, Hillary Clinton was also in attendance at the dinner in Las Vegas that RFK Jr. attended. Talk about strange bedfellow!?!!:

Historically, RFK Jr. has been a supporter of Hillary Rodham Clinton, and endorsed her back in 2000 when she ran for the Senate seat in New York. RFK Jr. also endorsed Hillary Clinton back in 2007 when she first ran for President. Again, RFK Jr. also endorsed Hillary Clinton when she ran again in 2016 for President against Trump.

The story below was originally published on September 15, 2023, but I brought it back as it offers excellent context for the video above.


New Tucker Carlson Interview

with Robert F Kennedy Jr.

Update: September 6, 2023: It happened AGAIN, the original interview I published of RFK Jr. being interviewed by Tucker Carlson, which I published originally on August 15, 2023 was removed/censored as evidenced below. I replaced it with the same video from Rumble as seen above so you can watch it. Every time a video is removed/censored, I leave up the original link to illustrate the high level of censorship occurring:

The conversation between RFK Jr. and Tucker Carlson is pretty mind-boggling, and one detail I found to be totally fascinating was Tucker's facial expression throughout most of the interview!!!

As we see Tucker looks completely gobsmacked, and in complete awe of what RFK Jr. is saying—and at the same time he looks very concerned. Either way, it's priceless...

The strangest topic of discussion in the video interview is when Bobby Kennedy Jr., and Tucker Carlson start talking about the how the CIA killed RFK Jr.'s uncle, President John F. Kennedy, and father, Bobby Kennedy Sr., but that is not the weird part!?!!

The weirdest part is when Robert F. Kennedy Jr. tells a story about how he recently had dinner with the former Director of the CIA, Mike Pompeo. RFK Jr. said, beginning around 59 minutes that Mike Pompeo recently said to him: 

"When I was at the CIA, I did not do what I should have done to fix that agency, and he expressed regret. Then he (Mike Pompeo) turned to me and looked me dead in the eye and said 'The entire upper echelon of the CIA is made up of individuals who do not believe in the democratic institutions of the United States of America." 

—Former CIA Director, Mike Pompeo.

Then Tucker Carlson responded, and said one of the strangest things I have ever heard somebody say: 

    "It was Mike Pompeo who convinced Trump not to release the Kennedy assassination files. A guy who worked for Mike Pompeo texted me the day after I revealed those files that showed CIA complicity in your uncle's death—which they do—cause I talked to someone who read them, and I said that on Fox News, and I got a text from a guy who works for Mike Pompeo informing me that I had just broken federal law, and that anyone who told me that was a felon, because we had revealed classified information, and I said: 'Wait a second, that classified information suggests the U.S. Government was involved in the murder of an American President!?!! Yeah. That is Mike Pompeo's position on that. So it's a little bit weird for him to say."

The supreme irony, with this story is the CIA got upset and threatened Tucker Carlson for revealing the fact they had been complicit in assassination President Kennedy!?!?!?

This is what is wrong with the United States today. We have a two-tiered system of complete intellectually dishonest hypocrisy. The United States, and the world for that matter, deserve a truth and reconciliation healing process. The world simply cannot continue to function with this level of supreme hypocrisy.


Another REALLY disturbing aspect of the RFK Jr.'s interview interview with Tucker Carlson is he points out Joe Biden has refused to provide him with Secret Service protection despite the high level of death threats RFK Jr. has received. The supreme irony is Biden displays a bust of RFK Sr. in the Oval Office, as we see in the photo below. This is beyond despicable and so ironic Biden refuses to project RFK Jr., despite the fact his father and uncle, President Kennedy were essentially killed by the CIA, and in the case of JFK, there was Secret Service complicity. Wait a minute? Maybe this seemingly strange behavior does suddenly make sense???

Biden Administration 

Denies RFK, Jr. Secret Service Protection 


According to Kennedy 2024 The Biden Administration officially refused to grant RFK Jr. Secret Service Protection, which is beyond despicable. Maybe it's a blessing in disguise as the Secret Service was complicit in the assassination of his Uncle, President John F. Kennedy.

"Since the assassination of my father in 1968, candidates for president are provided Secret Service protection, but not me." —RFK Jr. 

RFK Jr. revealed that his request for Secret Service protection received no response for 88 days, until today when the Biden Administration denied it.

“The White House and the DNC are playing hardball pitching hate and vilifying me in the press with hate speech and the most odious defamations that might reasonably incite violence while simultaneously denying me the security to which I’m entitled.” —RFK Jr. 

The Presidential Campaign Committee of Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. has released a letter from the Biden administration, dated July 21, and received via FedEx on July 27, denying Secret Service Protection for Mr. Kennedy. Campaign Manager Dennis Kucinich said: "The American people, no matter their politics, will find this decision shocking and repugnant. This is obviously a political decision, not a legal one. As such, this is directly on President Biden. It is absolutely implausible that the President would try to claim that he was not consulted by his cabinet secretary on a matter as sensitive as this. President Biden is now to be held personally accountable for denying Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Secret Service Protection. The Biden administration has clearly politicized the once-independent Justice Department and security apparatus.”

Monday, September 4, 2023

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Talks 2024 Presidential Run, Reparations, Covid Vaccine, Science + More

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. 

Talks 2024 Presidential Run

Reparations, Covid Vaccine, Science + More

This is an amazing interview with RFK Jr., and it includes some EXTREMELY DISTURBING insight into the dishonestly of The New York Times in publishing false information about how baseball legend Hank Aaron died 17 days after he took the Covid 19 vaccine. When I was a young child, Hank Aaron was one of my heroes and I can't believe he died because he was trying to ease the black communities concerns about the safety of the Covid vaccine...This is deplorable and Big Pharma MUST be held accountable for their civil and criminal behavior.

Saturday, September 2, 2023

Robert Kennedy Jr. and Cheryl Hines Curbing Their Enthusiasm in South Carolina 8 22 23

Robert Kennedy Jr & Cheryl Hines 

Curbing Their Enthusiasm in South Carolina

 8 22 23

This is a superb presentation where Cheryl Hines introduces Bobby to the group of fascinated voters in South Carolina. RFK Jr. gives a bit of a stump speech, but he really comes to life during his Q&A session.

Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Watch CNBC's full interview with Democratic Presidential Nominee Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

CNBC Interview

with Democratic Presidential Nominee Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Tuesday, August 29, 2023

IMAGINE RFK Jr. Poster...


 I created this poster art of JFK Jr and posted it on Twitter a few days ago. I was listening to John Lennon's famous song titled, "Imagine", and when John sings, "You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one." it made me think about RFK Jr. I have also include a copy of the artwork below my original tweet on

Monday, August 28, 2023

60Th Anniversary Celebration of The March on Washington: "I HAVE A DREAM..."


60Th Anniversary Celebration 

The March on Washington


Today marks the 60th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King's March on Washington, which occurred on August 28, 1963, during which Dr. King delivered his ultra-iconic "I Have A Dream" Speech (which can be watched later in this story). For the past sixteen years on  Jake's Rolex World, I have continuously updated my story every Martin Luther King day on Dr. King's amazing lifetime achievement and to the best of my knowledge it remains the single largest repository of his history.

MLK Meets with RFK

In the photo below, we see Dr. Martin Luther King on a visit to the White House on June 22, 1963, to meet with the United States Attorney General, Robert Kennedy, who is RFK Jr's father, along with Vice President Lyndon Johnson to discuss civil rights along with many other American Civil Right Leaders. This was where then planned out The March on Washington.

I Have A Dream Speech

March On Washington D.C.

August 28, 1963

This next image is extremely profound as it offers an unusual view from behind Abraham Lincoln's statue located in the Lincoln Memorial, in Washington D.C., and we witness Abraham Lincoln witnessing what he set out to achieve. The symbology behind this image is amazing if you think about it!!! It is also a profound irony Abraham Lincoln was likely assassinated for trying to protect people that could not protect themselves.

"Beyond the reflecting pool, stand the dignified columns of the Lincoln Memorial. Whoever would understand in his heart the meaning of America will find it in the life of Abraham Lincoln." –President Ronald Reagan.

Martin Luther King Jr's, I Have A Dream speech is one of the deepest and most profound speeches any man has ever given:

JFK invited MLK and other civil rights leaders who participated in the March on Washington to meet with him in the Oval Office at the White House on August 28, 1963.

This political demonstration garnered more political coverage than any other in history. It was crystal-clear that JFK understood and supported the Civil Rights Movement.

Abraham, Martin and John 

By Dion.