Thursday, June 29, 2023

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis v. California Governor Ron DeSantis

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis 


California Governor Ron DeSantis 

My goals with is to not only to explore and showcase Bobby Kennedy Jr.'s platform, worldview and belief system, but to also examine all his potential competition in the run for the 2024 U.S. Presidency.

I was born and raised in San Francisco, California and lived there the first 50 years of my life. My mother grew up with and went to high school with the Pelosi's and I was relatively close with them and spent a lot of time in their beautiful San Francisco home during my high school years. My namesake grandfather Jake Ehrlich Sr.  was friendly with Governor Gavin Newsom's father, and Gavin and I were in the same class at Redwood High School in Marin County. After college, I spent time working on Gavin Newsom's campaign when he ran for the Mayor of San Francisco. I always liked and respected both the Pelosi's and Gavin Newsom.

That being said, I am completely stunned and disappointed with the performance of Congresswoman Pelosi and Governor Newsom both in San Francisco, as well as with California. On their watch, San Francisco went from being one of the most beautiful cities on earth, to a disgusting cesspool that looks like a zombie apocalypse. I have no idea why either of them have allowed San Francisco and California to deteriorate so badly!?!! When I watch Governor Newsom bragging (in the video above) about how great California is today, I would radically disagree with him. 

The video below is brilliant as Florida Governor Ron DeSantis recently toured San Francisco, and spoke with a number of San Francisco's finest. My first choice for President of the United States is RFK Jr., and my second would be Ron DeSantis. My absolute last choices would be President Biden, or Governor Newsom, as I believe the have wrecked California and the United States. 

I normally am not that interested in politics but I believe the United States is in desperate need of a government overhaul, which is why I created and I believe, from all I have observed that Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is by far and away the best man to lead us out of this mess.