Wednesday, May 31, 2023

The Truth? About The Military Industrial Complex

The Truth?

About The Military Industrial Complex

In case you are interested in watching President Eisenhower's entire farewell speech, I included it below:


Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Ronald Reagan Endorses RFK Jr.

Ronald Reagan 

Endorses RFK Jr.

I also knew and spent time speaking with President Reagan as seen below in the photos. I agree if he were still alive he would support Bobby Kennedy Jr.

Monday, May 29, 2023

Robert F Kennedy Jr. American Resurrection San Diego Event

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.


San Diego, California Event

Today is Memorial Day in the United States. My forefathers fought in every major war going all the way back to the Revolutionary war which began in 1775. My father fought in World War II, and came very close to dying. They fought so we would live in a free country. The U.S. citizenry is forever indebted for the sacrifices they made. Remember, you saw this brand-new revolutionary video here, which you won't find anywhere in the mainstream media...

    "Del said we need an army and you are the beginning of that army. You give me that army, and you give me a sword, and some ground to stand on, and I will give your country back to you!!!"

—RFK Jr.

All I can say is that I have never been so proud to be an American as when I hear RFK Jr. speak. It is genuinely amazing how honest and transparent and erudite this man is. The United States of America is in desperate need of a complete governmental overhaul and I am certain, RFK Jr. is the best man to complete this mission. RFK Jr. just gave this speech today in San Diego, and notice he is NOT reading from a teleprompter, but speaking from his heart:

Speaking of which, assuming he's elected, he will have the opportunity to complete and fulfill his uncles dream which RFK's father, RFK Sr. also tried to fulfill. I was talking with a friend of mine who is at this event, and he and I both agreed we like RFK's juniors unusual voice now they were used to it. As Dr. Martin Luther King once famously said, "Let us learn not to judge people by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character", I would say, the same is true of their voice, and RFK Junior's character is truly miraculous.

I think Del Bigtree's speech is one of the greatest, most inspirational speeches I have EVER HEARD, and I was so impressed with his speech, I think he should be the Vice President under RFK Junior!!!

Saturday, May 27, 2023

Matt Taibbi: This is ‘very concerning’

Matt Taibbi

This is ‘very concerning

Earlier this month, I published a story named "The Twitter Files The Censorship Industrial Complex with Matt Taibbi", and in this video we get a significant update from Matt Taibbi.

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Presidential Campaign Launch Videos

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. 

Presidential Campaign Launch Videos

Friday, May 26, 2023

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. on Biden, America and 2024

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. 

on Biden, America and 2024

Wednesday, May 24, 2023

President Lyndon B. Johnson's Statement on the Death of Senator Robert F. Kennedy

The Rivalry between LBJ & RFK

That Resulted in RFK's Assassination

June 5, 1968

Ever wonder what the real reason was that Bobby Kennedy was killed? Both Jackie Kennedy and Bobby Kennedy knew LBJ was behind the death of JFK, but both were in deep shock and felt trapped by LBJ—basically like they were stuck in limbo in a permanent check-mate scenario, frozen by LBJ, and Allen Dulles of the CIA, and J. Edgar Hoover of the FBI.

LBJ, RFK & JFK pictured in a typically antagonist moment

Bobby finally decided he would avenge his brother's death by running for President. A week before RFK was assassinated a student asked him if he would consider reopening the Warren Commission, and Bobby said yes. If Bobby Kennedy had become President, LBJ who already hated RFK would have been charged with the assassination of his brother, and that is why Bobby had to die.

"History may not repeat itself, but it sure does rhyme."

—Mark Twain

LBJ was extremely unpopular in 1968 due to the Vietnam war, and RFK ran against Johnson, who was a member of the same Democrat party. LBJ was so freaked-out he dropped out of the 1968 Presidential race. Just after Bobby gave his speech after having won the California Primary for the Democrat party, he was assassinated.

This seems remarkably similar to RFK Jr. running against an extremely unpopular President Biden in his own Democrat party, challenging him in the primaries. A friend of mine recently drew a superb analogy when he pointed out the permanent Washington war machine is the Evil Empire and RFK Jr. is Luke Skywalker

The photo below was taken on July 2, 1964, at the signing ceremony for the Civil Rights Act, which was a landmark piece of civil legislation, as well labor law legislation that outlawed discrimination based upon race, color, religion, sex or national origin. 

If you look closely at this rare photo above, you will see Dr. Martin Luther King sitting in the audience, toward the right side of the photo, and notice he is watching Bobby Kennedy's facial expression. 

Bobby Kennedy is staring at President Johnson with a look of tolerative scorn and disgust on his face. Why? He knew, at that time, President Johnson had been deeply involved in spear-heading (no pun intended) the assassination of his beloved brother, former U.S. President John F. Kennedy. He also deeply regrets that Johnson is taking credit for signing into legislation the act his brother JFK fought so hard to enact, as witnessed below in the video. 

Update, June 9, 2023: Normally when a video from YouTube gets switched from public to private I would take it down, but I am leaving them up with the now broken link as seen below as it is really disturbing that videos that have been up for years on YouTube keep disappearing. Who knows, maybe it's just a coincidence, or maybe it's being done intentionally as a form revisionist history to hide our true history from us!?!!:


Bobby is biding his time as he realizes he is currently helpless to take any action against Johnson. He understands the ONLY way he will ever be able to hold Johnson accountable is to get elected the President of the United States himself, which he will later try to achieve, but ultimately will also be assassinated.

President Lyndon B. Johnson's 

Statement on the Attack of 

Senator Robert F. Kennedy

June 5, 1968

On the surface, if you watch the videos below, you would likely assume President Johnson was sincere and mourning the death of RFK, but the sad reality is he was celebrating the death of his nemesis. From all the research I have completed over many decades I believe the preponderance of the evidence supports the fact President Johnson was highly complicit in the assassinations of JFK, RFK & MLK. 

The photo below taken at the White House shows Bobby Kennedy screaming at LBJ: "Why did you have to kill my brother!?!!" as he punches the column, and we see LBJ's stunned reaction...The truth is out there, and the fact is these men were political rivals that could not stand each other.

President Lyndon B. Johnson's 

Statement on the Death of 

Senator Robert F. Kennedy

June 6, 1968

In the video below we witness LBJ crying crocodile tears, apparently mourning the loss of a man he despised. LBJ was a terrible actor and if you closely study his body language, it is painfully obvious he was simply going through the motions and just wanted to get the press conference complete. In other words, this is not a man mourning the loss of a dear friend as he pretends to do, but a man celebrating another victory over his opposition.

On, in the future we will be taking a deeper dive into the true nature of President Johnson, who was one of the most evil men in history. Notice President Johnson's crocodile tears, where he can't wait to get the press conference over with. If he genuinely meant a word he said, he would have grieved publicly, but did no such thing for JRK, RFK, or MLK who were all just obstacles in the way to him gaining and maintaining the presidency of the United States.

Ron DeSantis Announces He Will Enter Presidential Race

Ron DeSantis

Announces He Will Enter Presidential Race

 Claims FBI and DOJ have been

weaponized against Americans

Ron DeSantis' entry into the 2024 Presidential race does not really come as a surprise, and in this interview Trey Gowdy, former Federal Prosecutor and U.S. Congressman from South Carolina engages Governor DeSantis of Florida on many subjects. If RFK Jr is able to win the Democrat Primaries against Biden, he would likely be up against either Trump or DeSantis. I like DeSantis on many levels, but he has not been clear on multiple issues including his position on Big Pharma, which I am curious to learn.

Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Breaking Points Interview with RFK Jr

Breaking Points

Interview with RFK Jr

On May 17, 2023 RFK Jr. appeared as a guest on the YouTube talk show named Breaking Points, which purports to NOT be captivated by Big Brother, I mean Big Pharma, but Krystal Ball really showed her true colors when she went for the jugular with RFK Jr. on the subject of vaccines. This first video specifically features just the controversial part of their conversation.

Viva Frei and Barnes discuss what occurred in great detail in the video below and offer tremendous insight into why RFK Jr. is correct:

Krystal Ball attached RFK at the end of the interview, but seemed to celebrated his for most of the interview. You can watch the full interview below:

Monday, May 22, 2023

The Harmful Effects Of Glyphosate The Most Common Agrochemical

The Harmful Effects Of Glyphosate

The Most Common Agrochemical

This is an absolutely fascinating and eye-opening interview with RFK Jr., where he discusses the harmful effects of Glyphosate, as well as delineating the history of Big Pharma in the United States. This video was shot two years ago, but it is still very much on point.

Sunday, May 21, 2023

RFK Jr. On Dr. Drew...

RFK Jr. On Dr. Drew

Durham Report, Big Pharma & Opioid Crisis w/Dr Kelly Victory

Friday, May 19, 2023

RFK Jr & Dave Smith Discuss The Deeply Disturbing Results of the Durham Report

RFK Jr. & Dave Smith

Discuss The Deeply Disturbing

Results of the Durham Report

This is another AMAZING interview/conversation with RFJ Jr. that shows how profoundly erudite and insightful he is!!!

Wednesday, May 17, 2023



In RFK Jr's speech on April 19, 2023 he's defined what a Kennedy Democrat is, which in my opinion is brilliant.

    "These are not normal circumstances. I'm watching my country being stolen from me. I don't want the Democratic Party to be the party of fear, pharma, war and censorship. We need to stand up to corporations, against war, and put our children first. That's what a Kennedy Democrat is."

—RFK Jr.  

April 19, 2023

There are a few challenges with the slogan "I'm a Kennedy Democrat." There are many people like me that love RFK Jr., but think it is very unlikely the current Democrat party would ever allow him to replace the incumbent, President Biden in the primaries. I hope Bobby Jr. pulls it, but I just can't see how he would do so, which would mean if he really wan't to win the Presidency, he will have to run as an independent, and/or form a new party. 

If this is the case, I think he should form a third party, perhaps named the "American" Party. I say this as I am politically agnostic, but do not want to have anything to do with the Democrat or Republican parties, which are both a highly dysfunctional embarrassment to humanity. 

I saw the slogan "I'm a Kennedy American" on Twitter, which @TannersDad came up with, and I think it is brilliant. Who knows what is going to happen, but one thing for sure is it's going to be a fascinating ride!!!

Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Robert F Kennedy Jr interview: 'I can beat Donald Trump'

Robert F Kennedy Jr interview

 'I can beat Donald Trump'

Monday, May 15, 2023

Jack Paar Show Robert F. Kennedy RFK interview after the death of JFK [COMPLETE INTERVIEW] 1964

Robert F. Kennedy 

interview after the death of JFK 

Jack Paar Show


    RFK Jr. was 14 years old when his namesake father, RFK Sr. was assassinated by the CIA in 1968, just like his brother was also assassinated by the CIA in 1963.

    The great news is RFK Jr. learned a great deal from his father and uncle. This interview on the Jack Paar Show was RFK's first interview after his brother was assassinated and it is deeply profound on many levels. As you can see for yourself, RFK Sr. is still emotionally traumatized by his brother's death. So let's hop in the time machine and travel back to 1964 to learn much more about RFK in his own words:

   In this next video we see Jack Parr tell the story behind how this famous interview came about.

Sunday, May 14, 2023

Retired CIA Agent of 27 Years, Ray McGovern Reveals Truth about JFK Assassination...

Retired CIA Agent of 27 Years

Ray McGovern

Reveals The Truth About 

President John. F Kennedy Assassination 

It's really interesting to hear a former CIA agent and analyst, who was with The Firm for 27 years wax poetically about the details surrounding the assassination of President Kennedy in 1963. Ray McGovern was actually working at the CIA during the Kennedy administration, and thus he was privy to real-world evidence, and it is absolutely fascinating to hear his stories about what REALLY happened back in the day...In particular, Ray addresses and confirms RFK Jr's assertion that the CIA killed his Uncle, President John F. Kennedy.

Saturday, May 13, 2023

New 2024 Poll Shows RFK Jr. @ 35% Among All Voters


New 2024 Poll Shows 

RFK Jr. @ 35% Among All Voters

A new Rasmussen 2024 Poll shows RFK Jr essentially tied with Biden.

RFK on U.S. Government Wasting Money When It Should Invest In Itself


RFK on U.S. Government Wasting Money

When It Should Invest In Itself

RFK Jr. Tweeted this profoundly true fact today. I could not agree more, and think it is absurdly profound that the U.S. government keeps wasting a tremendous amount of money on ammunition to kill innocent people half way around the world, when we be so much better off investing the same resources in rebuilding and better maintaining the infrastructure in the United States. 

Friday, May 12, 2023

Russell Brand Interviews RFK Jr.

Russell Brand

Interviews RFK Jr.

In this UNCENSORED video, RFK Jr. goes into great detail on multiple fascinating subjects. I must say this is probably the most outstanding and EYE-OPENING INTERVIEW of Bobby Kennedy Jr. so far!!!:

Megyn Kelly Goes One on One with RFK Jr.

Megyn Kelly

Goes One on One with RFK Jr.

In this first video Megyn Kelly and RFK Jr. talk about the ramifications of why Tucker Carlson got fired from Fox News and the potential link to Big Pharma:

The Twitter Files The Censorship Industrial Complex with Matt Taibbi

The Twitter Files

The Censorship Industrial Complex 

with Matt Taibbi

I thought it would be a good time to take a deeper dive into exploring "The Censorship Industrial Complex with Matt Taibbi". We begin with Matt Taibbi's appearance with Michael Shellenberger and their testimony targeting government suppression of free speech on Twitter with Jim Jordan before the Congress of the United States... 

If you haven't watched either of these videos, they are pretty mind-boggling, as Matt Taibbi goes into great detail of the inner working of how Big Brother works behind the scenes...


Thursday, May 11, 2023

Early RFK Jr. Twitter Poll Shows RFK Far Ahead


Early RFK Jr. Twitter Poll

Shows RFK Far Ahead

I recently voted in a Twitter Presidential Poll, and just went back to take a look a the results. I was shocked to see the final results which show RFK Jr. far, far ahead of Biden and Trump. So what does this mean? Well, one thing for certain is it means people who vote in polls on Twitter prefer RFK Jr—by a long shot. I think it also means the American populace could end up thinking the same thing by the time we vote in 2024. Food for Thought...

Wednesday, May 10, 2023

Tucker Carlson Announces Twitter Show

 Tucker on Twitter

Tucker Carlson Announces Twitter Show 

    Tucker Carlson announced yesterday that he will be starting an UNCENSORED show on Twitter. Thank God Elon Musk bought Twitter, because if he had not, the Media Industrial Censor ship Complex would have kept censoring our free speech rights and whitewashed the details and replaced them with their false narratives...Tucker talks in detail about his experience working in the corrupt Main Stream Media over the past 30 years in the video below. While some people celebrated Tucker Leaving Fox News, and even referred to it immaturely as Tucker being 'deplatformed', it's interesting to learn in only a couple of weeks he has been 'replatformed'..

    "You can't have a free society if people aren't allowed to say what they think is true. Speech is the fundamental prerequisite for democracy. That's why it's enshrined in the first of our constitutional amendments. Amazingly, as of tonight, there aren't many platforms left that allow free speech. The last big one left in the world, the only one is Twitter, where we are now. Twitter has long served as the place where our national conversation incubates and develops. Twitter is not a partisan site, everybody is allowed here and we think that is a good thing...Free speech is the main right that you have. Without it you have no others."

—Tucker Carlson

Elon on Tucker 

    @Elon Musk chimed-in on Twitter after Tucker Carlson (as seen below) launched the video above. Elon points out: 

    "I also want to be clear that we have not signed a deal of any kind whatsoever. Tucker is subject to the same rules and rewards as all content creators."

Tuesday, May 9, 2023

New York Post Robert Kennedy Jr. blames CIA for JFK Assassination, Fueling Controversial Claim...

Significant Updates

Everybody is Talking about RFK Jr.

and The CIA Killing his Uncle, JFK

    I originally published this story yesterday, but I am moving it back up to the top as there has been an explosion in response on the web to RFK Jr's claim that the CIA was behind the Assassination of President Kennedy. I originally published a story on the subject of the CIA being behind President Kennedy's assassination back on April 24th, 2023, but now it is really coming to the forefront as many people around the world are curiously talking about it.

    We are witnessing a watershed/tipping point moment in American History, where the cat is now out of the bag and Americans are waking up from their long slumber that Sleepy Joe tried to induce upon them...

    We start with Russell Brand's response and it is interesting to note that RFK Jr. will be a guest on his show this coming Friday:

RFK Jr on Hannity 

    Below is a video interview from Fox News that features Sean Hannity interviewing RFK Jr., and it is titled "RFK Jr. doubles down on allegation CIA involved in JFK's assassination: '60-year cover-up':"

"There's a 60 year cover up. The Warren Commission was run by Alan Dulles, who was the head of the CIA, who my uncle fired and then he insinuated himself onto the Warren Commission and essentially ran the Warren Commission and kept this evidence from the Warren Commissioners." 

—Robert F. Kennedy Jr. 

On JFK Assassination

Original Story Published on May 8, 2023 Below:


New York Post

Robert Kennedy Jr. blames CIA for JFK

Assassination, Fueling Controversial Claim

    The New York Post published a story yesterday titled "Robert Kennedy Jr. Blames CIA for JFK assassination, fueling controversial claim." The article begins:

    "Democratic White House contender Robert Kennedy Jr. blames the CIA for the Nov. 22, 1963, assassination of his uncle, President John F. Kennedy — proclaiming it “beyond a reasonable doubt.”

    From what I have learned over the decades, there is a lot more to the story of what really occurred. As a long time student of the President Kennedy assassination, I believe Congress needs to reopen the investigation and the government needs to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing, but the truth. Then, and ONLY then, can we really move forward...Without the truth, we remain as slaves caught in The Matrix, and that is NOT what our founding fathers intended...

“President Kennedy's assassination was the work of magicians. It was a stage trick, complete with accessories and false mirrors, and when the curtain fell, the actors, and even the scenery, disappeared.”

—Arthur Schlesinger Jr. 

L’Americque Brule (America is Burning)

    One key question, is, how—if at all—does RFK Jr.'s accusation the CIA was responsible for President Kennedy's Assassination affect the results of the 2024 Presidential outcome? 

    I think Bobby Kennedy Jr. entering the race is calling a great deal of attention to the issue of his uncle's assassination, which has never been adequately resolved for people all over the world. I believe Bobby running for President is bringing this unresolved issue front-and-center, AGAIN, for the fourth time.

    Thus I think, just like when Oliver Stone released his movie JFK in 1991, the American citizenry demanded that Congress look into it, which resulted in the JFK Assassination Record Review Board (JFK ARRB).

    The challenge is when Mark Lane influenced the Congress to open up The House Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA) in 1976, the powers that be pretended to go along with the investigation but ultimately sabotaged it, just as they did a decade and a half later with the JFK ARRB. Richard Sprague, who originally spearheaded the HSCA would have held the CIA accountable, but he was replaced by Robert Blakey who didn’t have the courage to go full-on for the truth…

    I am certain if Robert Kennedy Jr. is elected President of the United States in 2024, he will CERTAINLY reopen the investigation into who killed his uncle, John F. Kennedy. 

    I have heard many people say so long as RFK Jr. runs as a Democrat, he can't win, as the current Democrat party and permanent Washington swamp will never let him win. I would not be so sure of that as stranger things have happened in U.S. Presidential politics in the past. Remember, Americans LOVE  freedom and they love the underdog...and was built by underdogs...

When I think of freedom and why we as Americans desire freedom, I think of this quote located on the bottom of the Statue of Liberty. This is why are ancestors came to America and remains the reason why people come here today:

    "Give me your tired, your poor, your 

huddled masses yearning to breathe free."  

—Emma Lazarus 

[Iconic words etched in bronze and mounted on
 the pedestal of the Statue of Liberty, from
 the 1883 poem, "The New Colossus"]

    I believe there are many significant signs both Biden and Trump are self-imploding as they are both so deeply bogged down in the Washington swamp, that it potentially creates a perhaps miraculous opportunity for RFK Jr., to make it all the way to the White House. 

Particularly if RFK Jr. is able to unite the deeply divided and citizenry of the United States, which he seems to be doing a great job of already...As they say, Time will Tell...

Monday, May 8, 2023

RFK Jr's Brilliant Intellect: Kennedy Jr. vs Dershowitz


RFK Jr's Brilliant Debating Skills

Kennedy Jr. vs Dershowitz

I watched the Value Entertainment debate on vaccine safety in between Robert Kennedy Jr and fellow legendary lawyer Alan Dershowitz that debuted two years ago in the middle of the Covid Plandemic. You can watch the entire debate at the bottom of this post and it is fascinating as we witness how amazingly sharp RFK Jr is and in particular it's funny how he engages Dershowitz with his Viagra response. 

You can watch the entire debate below which is amazing and showcases Bobby's amazing debate skills. It's crystal clear that if Bobby were to debate Biden, it would probably be really embarrassing, and I believe RFK Jr. would run circles around Trump as well...


Sunday, May 7, 2023

Tim Pool PBD Podcast discussion on the state of censorship in the United States today...

Tim Pool 

PBD Podcast

Patrick Bet David and his team interview controversial journalist and YouTuber, Tim Pool who goes into great detail on the current state of censorship in the United States Today. They also discuss RFK Jr. They have a really deep and fascinating long-form conversation which I recommend watching:

I included the RFK Jr. discussion which is at the very end of the full length interview which I also included below:

Saturday, May 6, 2023

Thursday, May 4, 2023

Trump Failed to Drain The SWAMP

Jose Vega on The Industrial Media Complex & Rapid Downfall of Main Stream Media

Jose Vega

On The Industrial Media Complex &

Rapid Downfall of Main Stream Media

If you are not familiar with the YouTube channel named American's Untold Stories, they are often times great. They specialize in JFK Assassination history, and their cohost Mark Groubert is an amazing historian and storyteller. On Friday's they do a show called 'Free-Form Friday" where they usually just have free flowing conversation. 

I stated the video above when Jose Vega joins them at 31 minutes into the show, and they have an extremely interesting conversation about how Main Stream Media has been completely captured by the Industrial Media Complex and about how people have grown sick and tired of being deceived and lied to by the controlled establishment media. 

If you are not familiar with Jose Vega, he is and anti establishmentarian who believes the United States has lost its way, and needs to be rebooted. 

When Mark Groubert asked Jose Vega which party he was affiliated with, Vega responded "I am an American Citizen", which resonates perfectly with me, as that is the way I see myself.

In Jose Vega's fascinating interview he talks about RFK Jr., and cited the portion of The United States Declaration of Independence that says if our unalienable rights, such as life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are destructively assaulted and undermined by our government we have the absolute right and obligation to alter it, and/or abolish it to create a new government:

    "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. —That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed. —That whenever any Form of government becomes destructive to these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect theirS and Happiness."

—United States Declaration of Independence 

In Congress, July 4, 1776

Declaration of Independence
Painting by John Trumbull 1819

Wednesday, May 3, 2023

Robert F Kennedy Jr: "We need a peaceful revolution"

Robert F Kennedy Jr

"We need a peaceful revolution"