Wednesday, July 5, 2023

Brand vs Kennedy: The Pull-Up Challenge

Brand vs Kennedy

The Pull-Up Challenge

Covid Was An Act Of War Against The Human Race - Dr David E Martin

Covid Was An Act Of War 

Against The Human Race 

Dr. David E Martin 

I believe it is very important for all of humanity to genuinely understand the full ramifications of what is going on with the Covid Plandemic, the lockdowns, as well as the vaccine mandates which are all beyond disturbing. This video interview goes into great detail about the truth behind Covid, and it is really DARK...

The Grim Reality

Covid-19's Genocidal Impact 

Dr. David Martin Addresses European Parliament

Brian Rose mentioned the superb speech that Dr. David Martin gave to the European Parliament, which I also highly recommend watching:

JFK Assassination Records Act Gutted


JFK Assassination Records Act Gutted 

President Biden issued a super bizarre executive order on June 30th asserting the 1992 JFK Assassination Records Act is no longer in effect. In other words, not only did he refuse to release the final JFK records, but is alleged to have said they will NEVER be released. According to the above linked story "The Mary Farrell Foundation, which sued the president and National Archives last fall for failure to enforce the JFK Records Act, will be in federal court on July 13 seeking an injunction to block the Biden order." You can learn much more about the JFK Assassination on

RFK Jr. commented on this news in great detail on Twitter as seen below: