Friday, August 11, 2023

A Call To Service...

A Call To Service

From RFK Jr.

Former Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund Reveals What REALLY Happened on January 6th

Taxation without Representation

Tucker on Twitter

Former Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund 

Reveals What REALLY Happened on January 6th

Tucker Carlson originally interviewed former Capital Chief of Police, Steven Sund when Tucker was still at Fox News, but Fox strangely refused to release the interview, which seems really shady. Tucker Carlson recently reviewed Steven Sund again, and his interview is BEYOND DISTURBING & SHOCKING on many levels as it serves to further confirm and expose the DEEP STATE MATRIX which is controlling our government!?!!

Update on August 17: I originally published the version of this interview below, but I just noticed that somebody appears to have censored it, so I added a Rumble version above so you can still watch it. At this point, it almost feels like I am playing Whac-a-mole with one video I share disappearing after another!?!! Doesn't What-a-Mole kind of sound like Guac-a-mole?



I find this video to be extremely upsetting and disturbing on many levels... I've been paying taxes for many decades now, and must admit I never really thought too much about how my tax dollars were being spent, but when I watched this video it made me realize I feel like almost 100% of my tax dollars seem like they are being completely wasted by the swamp for them to play political games which are a huge waste of resources. 

In other words, I feel like almost all my Federal tax dollars are being radically wasted, and/or stolen and are NOT being used for anything I would approve of. I realize we live in a republic that is considered to be a representative democracy, but I don't feel like my wishes have EVER been acknowledged or represented in any way, shape of form. More than anything I feel like there is a huge disconnect, and I am certain I am not alone with this feeling. I almost feel like I am living on a different planet than most of the people who represent us in Washington D.C.!?!!

For instance, the war in Ukraine seems like a complete waste of my tax dollars as many roads are in disrepair and there are tents all over major cities like San Francisco which currently looks like a zombie apocalypse. 

There are many people who are saying the United States needs a new 1776 style revolution, which means we need to completely overhaul our Federal Government. Permanent Washington is complexity out of control, and are destroying our country...

I mentioned earlier that Tucker Carlson interviewed the Chief of Police from Capital Hill but Fox News removed Tucker before the interview was released. In the interview below we see Tucker mention (beginning around around 28 minutes in) the Capital Chief of Police told him that the Capital Police Chief told him in the unaired/censored Fox interview that J6 was filled with federal agents.

So why was Tucker fired from Fox, and more importantly, why didn't Fox EVER air Tucker's original interview with Capital Police Chief, Steven Sund? It might have something to do with the following video that aired 5 months ago:

The video below of Chuck Schumer accusing Tucker of lying about January 6th also offers insight into why Fox never aired the interview. Keep in mind it was in response to Tucker airing the video above: