Wednesday, June 7, 2023

President Trump: Addressing The Rise of Chronic Childhood Illness

President Trump 

Addressing The Rise of 

Chronic Childhood Illness

    Former President Trump released this bold video statement today, which is profound on many levels. The video description reads:

    "Too often, our public health establishment is too close to Big Pharma—they make a lot of money, Big Pharma—big corporations, and other special interests, and does not want to ask the tough questions about what is happening to our children’s health."

"Couldn’t have summarized Trump’s hypocrisy any better. 

He became the swamp he set out to destroy."


    UPDATE: I was so blown-away with the super-erudite response from @RFKJR__24 on Twitter regarding my story below, I quoted him above in green!!! 

    I find it to be very bizarre Trump said so much without mentioning the words "Vaccine", or "Vaccine Injury". Later in this story I go into great detail about how Trump radically failed with the way he handled the Pandemic. In all fairness, I am willing to give him the benefit of the doubt, as he had to endure so many obstacles that were unfairly put in his path by the swamp. 

    That being said, I take serious issue with President Trump's statement saying he plans to hold big Pharma responsible. In particular Trump said: "I understand big Pharma, I believe, better than anybody else. I know where they are coming from."

I radically disagree with this statement as in the best-case-scenario Trump got tricked by Anthony Fauci and big Pharma, not to mention there is NO WAY he knows 1/100th of what RFK Jr. knows. Trump's ego never really bothered me, and I think he did some great things as President, but I can't look past the way he brags about how much he knows, when in reality the plandemic took place on his watch.

    One thing is crystal-clear to me, and that is the fact that Donald Trump, NEEDs to watch the video interview below from London Real with RFK Jr. where he exposes and simply articulates how the Big Pharma racketeering scheme works:

    Below is a video interview of Bill Gates talking about how he told President Trump to ignore RFK Jr. In this clip Bill Gates said:


    "Then, the second time I saw him (President Trump) was a the March after that—so March, 2017—in the White House. In both of those two meetings, he asked me if vaccines weren't a bad thing? Because he was considering a commission to look into a ill effects of vaccines. And somebody whose name was Robert Kennedy, Jr. was advising him that vaccines were causing bad things, and I said, 'No. That's a dead end'. That would be a bad thing. Don't do that." —Bill Gates

    I don't even know where to begin with this smoking gun statement from Bill Gates!?!! When Bill Gates said "And somebody whose name was Robert Kennedy, jr. was advising him that vaccines were causing bad things..." The way Bill Gates articulated this sentence is beyond condescending!?!! RFK Jr. is Bobby Kennedy's son, and President John F. Kennedy's nephew!!!!

I must admit I used to have a great deal of admiration and respect for Bill Gates intellect, but after watching The Real Doctor Fauci Documentary, I am shocked by Bill Gates in the worst way possible. In case you are not familiar with The Real Anthony Fauci Documentary, I included it below:

    RFK Jr. 'blamed President Trump for the lockdown' as he claimed Trump was not intelligent enough to see-through or prevent the lockdowns by his bureaucrats that did so much damage to America (Think former Chief Medical Advisor to the President of the United States, Anthony Fauci). 

    RFK Jr. goes on to cite President Truman, who famously said: "The buck stops here", in reference to holding former President Trump accountable to the American people. He also speaks out on the attack on our 1st Amendment Rights in the form of massive government censorship—also commonly referred to as the Censorship Industrial Complex.

    RFK Jr. continued to attack President Trump and President Biden's competency and integrity when he said: 

    “President Trump brought Scott Gottleib in (By appointing Scott Gottlieb MD, Commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration, FDA.) President Trump took a million dollars from Pfizer, and then appointed a guy (Gottlieb) who was essentially a Pfizer lobbyist, he was a business partner of Pfizer, to run the agency. And then, of course, he made $88 Billion for Pfizer on ONE vaccine, then left to join Pfizer’s board. That is NOT draining the swamp. That is the swamp! And President Biden is (doing) the same thing!”

—Bobby Kennedy Jr.

    It is a very sad and beyond pathetic fact President Elect, Trump had invited RFK Jr. to Trump Tower in 2016 and discussed appointing him to chair a Presidential Commission on Vaccine Safety, (as witnessed in the video above from 6 years ago) then President Trump completely ignored RFK Jr. after Big Pharma Pfizer donated $1 Million to Trumps Inauguration Party fund!?!! Take a moment and think deeply about this. Essentially, Pfizer gave Trump $1 Million for a stupid party that lasted a few hours, and in exchange Trump not only gave Pfizer $88 Billion (NOT $88 Million, but, $88 Billion), but the REAL cost of the supposed pandemic for the international community was far, far, far greater...If you do the basics math, that is an 88,000% return on their million dollar investment!?!!

The Art of The Steal

    When I was a young man I read President Trump's famous book titled "The Art of The Deal" where he suggested he was some kind of business superman. But when you look at the facts, in the above mentioned context, Trump's legacy ends up being more like "The Art of The Steal". If you are willing to accept that Trump didn't do this on purpose, but was fooled, what does this say about his REAL leadership skills and analytical reasoning ability, or lack thereof? Not only is this likely Trump's greatest blunder, but certainly an epic indictment of his fiduciary responsibility and oath to protect the American people.

    It was recently alleged that former President Trump owns stock in Pfizer and Moderna. If this is true, then it represents a catastrophic conflict of interest. 

Note: I am still working on this story, which has a long way to go. Once it is complete I will remove this notice.