Monday, May 15, 2023

Jack Paar Show Robert F. Kennedy RFK interview after the death of JFK [COMPLETE INTERVIEW] 1964

Robert F. Kennedy 

interview after the death of JFK 

Jack Paar Show


    RFK Jr. was 14 years old when his namesake father, RFK Sr. was assassinated by the CIA in 1968, just like his brother was also assassinated by the CIA in 1963.

    The great news is RFK Jr. learned a great deal from his father and uncle. This interview on the Jack Paar Show was RFK's first interview after his brother was assassinated and it is deeply profound on many levels. As you can see for yourself, RFK Sr. is still emotionally traumatized by his brother's death. So let's hop in the time machine and travel back to 1964 to learn much more about RFK in his own words:

   In this next video we see Jack Parr tell the story behind how this famous interview came about.