Sunday, June 18, 2023

The Real Anthony Fauci RFK Jr. Documentary

RFK Jr. is Unmasking
CIA’s Psychological Mind Weapon 

Tony Lyons is the publisher of Skyhorse Publishing which published RFK Jr.'s book titled "The Real Anthony Fauci", and in this new video interview spells all the details out of what is really going on and what exactly is at stake.


Story below originally published on on May 26, 2023:

The Real Anthony Fauci

RFK Jr. Documentary

You won't find the video documentary seen below named The Real Anthony Fauci on YouTube, or reviews on CNN, or ABC and you won't read about it in the New York Times (Despite the fact the book it is based upon by the same title is a New York Times Bestseller), or any Main Stream Media (MSM) publication, but then again Jake's Rolex World has NEVER been a part of the Main Stream Media, but has always been a member of the alternative media. A few weeks ago, I published a fascinating story on about Tucker Carlson leaving or getting fired from Fox News because of his coverage and interview with RFK Jr. who is running against Joe Biden in the Democrat Primaries for the Presidency in 2024. 

As a result, I got so inspired I decided to create a blog at dedicated to covering RFK Jr.'s journey to the Oval Office, and as a long-time presidential historian, I decided to also create a blog that explores the Presidency and Assassination of John F. Kennedy, who is RFK Jr.'s uncle, which you can find at

I must admit I thought I was aware of the controversy surrounding Dr. Anthony Fauci, but after having watched this new documentary based upon RFK Jr.'s best selling book titled, "The Real Anthony Fauci, my head is still spinning!!!! 

If you are a blue pill kind of person, I recommend ignoring watching this documentary, as it will likely make you cry, but if you are a red pill kind of person, then I think you will learn a great deal about Big Pharma and Censorship, as well as being able to much better understand the state of current events and how we got here today.