Sunday, August 20, 2023

Russia Makes Bold Claims Says Deep State & Big Pharma Created The Covid Pandemic

Russia Makes Bold Claims  

Says Deep State & Big Pharma

Created The Covid Pandemic

If you can trust Russian government propaganda more than American government propaganda, you know we are in REALLY BIG TROUBLE!?!!, which formerly stood for Russia Today, published an article citing Tucker Carlson's recent interview of RFK Jr., where RFK Jr, said "“We have biolabs in Ukraine because we’re developing bioweapons." Also, in researching this article I came across an article named "US military could create ‘global biological crisis’ – Russian MOD."

On (formerly Twitter) and on the web there are several reports that say The Russian Ministry of Defense recently submitted a 2,000 page report to the United Nations claiming the Deep State & Big Pharma Manufactured the Covid Pandemic

This Russian report publicly accused U.S. Deep State actors and Big Pharma of creating the Covid-19 pandemic in order to take over the world. The document below which is allegedly from this 2,000 page report suggests Joe Biden, Barack Obama, George Soros and Hillary Clinton were co-conspirators in the strategy for the Deep State to take over the world. 

I found additional pages from the 2000 page presentation made from Russia to the United Nations, but they were too low in resolution to read, and they were written in Russian.

The Twitter/ presentation below goes into great detail and the author seems to make a great deal of sense, so be sure to click on that blue play button below, and I will keep working on updating this article if I discover more:

The videos in the next two tweets are from and go into detail on the allegations made by the The Russian Ministry of Defense. The first video includes an excerpt from Tucker Carlson's recent interview of RFK Jr: